Skype for Business

Skype for Business is now available to students. It can be accessed from any student PC across the University as well as personal devices. More information:

For Staff, it should be already installed on Windows if you have Office 2013 or 2016. And can be downloaded for Mac OS here:


Telephone System Upgrade

From IT Services:

In March 2017 we undertook essential upgrades to our telephone system. Unfortunately one element of the upgrade could not be completed in the March timescales, therefore we have had to reschedule it to Wednesday 14th June between 1800 – 2100 hours.

This upgrade will only impact those on the North Haugh Exchange (please see the list of buildings impacted below). No telephony services will be available during this time, including the ability to dial 999.  Access control will not be affected.

List of buildings that will be impacted by the telephone upgrade on 14th June between 1800-2100 hours.

Agnes Blackadder
Andrew Melville
Computer Science
Geoscience CHR
John Burnet Hall
Library Annexe
Library Store
Medical School
SOI Group (New Tech Centre)
Sports Centre
Student Services (Eden Court)
University Hall
FAS (Gateway)

If you have any queries, please contact the Telephone Office (

Reactivating ChemDraw – 2016

Updated information regarding ChemDraw activation:

Individual users can download the software via this link:

New users will be downloading version 15.1 (Windows version includes ChemFinder, ChemDraw for Excel and Chem3D)

Those who are currently using version 10 to 14 need only “reactivate”, to continue using version 10 & 11 & 12 13 &14 respectively, or they can re-download to get version 15.
To re-download, go to the link above and follow the instructions to re-download. To reactivate, click “Reactivate” on the “Help” menu then put in your serial number from last year.

Alternatively, the software will display a warning message one month before the previous expiration date, and users can click “Reactivate” then, directly from the warning message. If users have misplaced their serial number, they can look it up by logging in on and clicking “View Serial Numbers & Expiration Dates for Your Downloads”.

All Windows serial numbers have been modified to reflect the new expiration date, and existing Windows users can simply reactivate with the serial number they already have, even for older versions. New users will only have access to the most recent version of the software. Users on the Macintosh platform will need to get a new serial number and registration code by following instructions at the link above.

Internet Disruption

On Friday our internet provider suffered from denial of service attacks (DoS):

169535 – 04/12/2015 – 16:40  – Major Incident affecting Multiple Janet connections

The Janet network has been suffering from further denial of service attacks. The network is beginning to look more stable.

Janet engineers and security teams are investigating further to set up further preventative measures.

This is what caused our internet disruption, they believe everything is stable now.

Although I think things are still a bit slow this morning.


Please keep an eye of on the Twitter feed for more updates —————->>>>


Uniprint available in more locations

Previously we had two Uniprint printers, in the common room and reading room. This has been expanded, there are now printers in the following areas:

Building Location Model Features
BSRC Near B126 M775z A4, A3, Colour, Duplex, Scanning
BMS Level 3 write-up area M680dn A4, Colour, Duplex, Scanning
BMS Level 4 write-up area M680dn A4, Colour, Duplex, Scanning
Purdie Common Room – Upgraded M880z A4, A3, Colour, Duplex, Scanning
Purdie 215c write-up area M775z A4, A3, Colour, Duplex, Scanning
Purdie 215 Reading Room M630m A4, Duplex, Scanning

To print to Uniprint there are guides on the IT pages.

Setting up:
Note: All our Uniprint printers are HP

All IT Uniprint information and guides:

Uniprint printing is available over Eduroam WiFi.

Toner is supplied automatically when a printer is running low (around 10%).

Print costs for Uniprint are generally much lower than current desktop inkjet and laser printers.
This is billed periodicity via the school office to your class grant (in most cases) or other designated budget.

I will keep the dedicated ChemComp Uniprint page: updated with information on printer locations, billing, support processes etc. Some aspects of the Uniprint billing and administration are still being developed.

Another Phishing Warning – Google Drive

Please be aware of another Phishing attack making the rounds, asking you view an undelivered document via Google Drive.
The View Document link will take you to ‘….’
Just delete if you receive.


From: xxxxx <>
Date: 5 November 2015 15:08:17 GMT
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Subject: Important
I’ve uploaded an important undelivered document through Google drive. please access document below.

View Document

Thank You

Phishing Warning! ‘Your Apple ID was used…’ and ‘Your Apple Locked’

Edit: Second example added

Please be aware of a recent Phishing attack making the rounds, asking you to verify your apple account.
The verify link will take you to ‘www’
Just delete if you receive.


From: Apple <>
Subject: Your Apple ID was used to restore a device from one of your iCloud backups.
To: xxxxxxxxx <>
Date: October 23, 2015 at 19:08:33 GMT+1

Dear Apple Customer,
Your Apple ID ( has been used to restore a device from one of your iCloud backups.
Device:Roody’s iPhone (iPhone 4s)
IP: (Denmark)
If you have not restored a device recently or you believe someone may have accessed your account,we recommend to visit the link below to verify that you are the legitimate account holder.
Verify now >
Apple Support
My Apple ID | Support | Privacy Policy
Copyright © 2015 Apple Distribution International, Hollyhill Industrial Estate, Hollyhill, Cork, Republic of Ireland.


From: Apple Inc Profile []
Sent: 25 October 2015 13:53
To: xxxxxxxxx
Subject: Your Apple Locked


Apple User

Resolution Your Ref: #K20IL8176-A114
Date: 25 – October – 2015


Our members security means everything. That’s why we are contacting you in reference to your Apple ID The Apple Privacy Policy was updated on September 17, 2015 and now requests members to review the information we hold on them due to KYC (Know your Customer) regulation.

We have tried to get in touch with you on 2 previous occasions to review this information before the privacy policy change on the 17th of September and did not received a response. This is the concluding communication before closure of your Apple Account within the next 48 hours and all associated data.

Please follow the link provided to login.

>>> Validate My Apple Account

iCloud Customer Support

This is an automatic email – please do not reply to it.

Annoying Windows 10 Upgrade Prompt?

If you are currently being pestered by the your Windows 7 or 8 to upgrade to Windows 10, here is a little fix that will disable the Task Bar icon and it’s prompts to upgrade: Disable_GWX Download the Zip and run the Disable_GMX.reg file inside with admin privileges.

However if you have previously agreed to the Windows 10 upgrade this fix may not help.