Video Conferencing

There is also a portable Cisco high-definition codec available. This is mainly used for the EaStCHEM colloquia. The room and equipment have been registered and QA tested with v-scene (formerly Janet VC Booking Service) and we have the option of booking conferences via them (if we want to record the VC, or need them to act as a bridge between H.323 and ISDN) or we can dial other sites directly using H.323 number.

For normal VC sessions Purdie room 229a is most suitable.
Room 229A can also be used for Skype/Adobe Connect or any other web-based video calling but please note, there is no PC in the room at present so you will need a laptop with the relevant software. The room availability/booking should also be checked in the first instance with Iona Hutchinson and it is recommended that you arrange a test call with the other site(s) in advance.