Network use

The School fully supports the University’s Network Connection Policy and assists ITS in policing network use.

Many of the School’s instruments critically depend on reliable networking and the School will instigate disciplinary procedures against anyone misusing the network. It should be noted that it is considered a misuse of the network (and unprofessional) to use the network for entertainment (such as watching video, listening to music, gaming, etc) or for file sharing.

The University network is provided for academic use only.

Networking – Wired

The School will try to assist with the (wired) connection of personal laptops for postgraduates and staff. Application must be submitted on the appropriate form but access is dependent on availability and can not be guaranteed. The wireless Eduroam network is available throughout the University, but many departmental resources are inaccessible via eduroam because of the University’s firewall policies. N.B. Laptops, like other personal posessions, should be insured and due regard given to their security from theft, flooding, etc. The University does not have insurance to cover personal posessions.

Networking – Wireless

Wireless coverage is good in the building and staff, students and visitors from other participating institutions can make use of the ‘eduroam’ wireless network. Visitors that do not have eduroam access can use the BTOpenzone network. For more info see here

Remote Access

Some resources may require you to connect to the University VPN before accessing. More information is available¬†from I.T. –¬†Virtual Private Network (VPN)