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Reactivating ChemDraw – 2016

Updated information regarding ChemDraw activation:

Individual users can download the software via this link:

New users will be downloading version 15.1 (Windows version includes ChemFinder, ChemDraw for Excel and Chem3D)

Those who are currently using version 10 to 14 need only “reactivate”, to continue using version 10 & 11 & 12 13 &14 respectively, or they can re-download to get version 15.
To re-download, go to the link above and follow the instructions to re-download. To reactivate, click “Reactivate” on the “Help” menu then put in your serial number from last year.

Alternatively, the software will display a warning message one month before the previous expiration date, and users can click “Reactivate” then, directly from the warning message. If users have misplaced their serial number, they can look it up by logging in on and clicking “View Serial Numbers & Expiration Dates for Your Downloads”.

All Windows serial numbers have been modified to reflect the new expiration date, and existing Windows users can simply reactivate with the serial number they already have, even for older versions. New users will only have access to the most recent version of the software. Users on the Macintosh platform will need to get a new serial number and registration code by following instructions at the link above.

Reactivating ChemDraw

Those who are currently using versions 10 to 15 should need only “reactivate”. To reactivate, click “Activate ChemDraw…” on the “Help” menu then select “Active over internet”.

If you need your serial number and misplaced it, you can look it up by logging in on and clicking “View Serial Numbers & Expiration Dates for Your Downloads” “My Downloads”.
To download v15, go to here and follow the instructions to download.

If your current serial number will not activate, go to the website here. When you reach the download page, you should receive an email within a few minutes with a serial number that should work.

365 Email Migration FAQs

I have had a few Frequently Ask Questions regarding the email Migration.

  • Do I need to download / install any new software?
    • If you are using a recent Microsoft Outlook (2010 onward) as a client you should not need any new software.
  • Will I need to make any changes to Outlook set-up?
    • You may be prompted in Outlook to accept changes from or to restart Outlook. Please accept these changes. Hopefully most users will not need to make any manual changes.
  • Will My Outlook or mail folders look any different?
    • They should look the same.
  • Does this affect Saintmail (Gmail) users?
    • No.
  • Does this change or give me a new email address?
    • Also no. You keep your current address(es).
  • Will Unimail – webmail change?

Please note: My answers are given to the best of my current knowledge, and I can not guarantee the thing may change 🙂


Email to Office 365 Migration

The proposed date for the migration of chemistry mailboxes is week commencing 6th July.

The following information has been provided by IT Services:


In the coming weeks IT Services will be upgrading your email to a new system hosted by Microsoft. The service is called Office 365 and offers email, cloud storage and office web apps. In addition, staff and students are granted 5 copies of the latest Microsoft Office suite to install on smartphones, tablets and personally owned computers. See information about Office 365 here, please take the time to read through this information.


Why are we doing this?

The contract with our existing email provider expires in the end of October. Microsoft Office 365 offers advanced email features and lots of benefits all free for education.


What does this mean for me?

You will get an email service provided by Microsoft, a highly secure and dependable email service. Unlimited online file storage is provided with OneDrive, an alternative to Dropbox, where you can upload, create and share files to collaborate with others in or outside the University.


What do I need to do?

Before we move all your email to the new system you need to do some housekeeping, Microsoft will not allow large emails to be transferred. Large email attachments (greater then 25MB) in your mailbox and any shared mailboxes will need to be saved to your home drive or shared drive then deleted from your mailbox. See the pre-migration tasks here; Please do this before 5pm the day before the upgrade. You risk losing these emails if you do not save them to your computer.