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Another Phishing Warning – Google Drive

Please be aware of another Phishing attack making the rounds, asking you view an undelivered document via Google Drive.
The View Document link will take you to ‘….’
Just delete if you receive.


From: xxxxx <>
Date: 5 November 2015 15:08:17 GMT
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Subject: Important
I’ve uploaded an important undelivered document through Google drive. please access document below.

View Document

Thank You

Phishing Warning! ‘Your Apple ID was used…’ and ‘Your Apple Locked’

Edit: Second example added

Please be aware of a recent Phishing attack making the rounds, asking you to verify your apple account.
The verify link will take you to ‘www’
Just delete if you receive.


From: Apple <>
Subject: Your Apple ID was used to restore a device from one of your iCloud backups.
To: xxxxxxxxx <>
Date: October 23, 2015 at 19:08:33 GMT+1

Dear Apple Customer,
Your Apple ID ( has been used to restore a device from one of your iCloud backups.
Device:Roody’s iPhone (iPhone 4s)
IP: (Denmark)
If you have not restored a device recently or you believe someone may have accessed your account,we recommend to visit the link below to verify that you are the legitimate account holder.
Verify now >
Apple Support
My Apple ID | Support | Privacy Policy
Copyright © 2015 Apple Distribution International, Hollyhill Industrial Estate, Hollyhill, Cork, Republic of Ireland.


From: Apple Inc Profile []
Sent: 25 October 2015 13:53
To: xxxxxxxxx
Subject: Your Apple Locked


Apple User

Resolution Your Ref: #K20IL8176-A114
Date: 25 – October – 2015


Our members security means everything. That’s why we are contacting you in reference to your Apple ID The Apple Privacy Policy was updated on September 17, 2015 and now requests members to review the information we hold on them due to KYC (Know your Customer) regulation.

We have tried to get in touch with you on 2 previous occasions to review this information before the privacy policy change on the 17th of September and did not received a response. This is the concluding communication before closure of your Apple Account within the next 48 hours and all associated data.

Please follow the link provided to login.

>>> Validate My Apple Account

iCloud Customer Support

This is an automatic email – please do not reply to it.

365 Email Migration FAQs

I have had a few Frequently Ask Questions regarding the email Migration.

  • Do I need to download / install any new software?
    • If you are using a recent Microsoft Outlook (2010 onward) as a client you should not need any new software.
  • Will I need to make any changes to Outlook set-up?
    • You may be prompted in Outlook to accept changes from or to restart Outlook. Please accept these changes. Hopefully most users will not need to make any manual changes.
  • Will My Outlook or mail folders look any different?
    • They should look the same.
  • Does this affect Saintmail (Gmail) users?
    • No.
  • Does this change or give me a new email address?
    • Also no. You keep your current address(es).
  • Will Unimail – webmail change?

Please note: My answers are given to the best of my current knowledge, and I can not guarantee the thing may change 🙂


Email to Office 365 Migration

The proposed date for the migration of chemistry mailboxes is week commencing 6th July.

The following information has been provided by IT Services:


In the coming weeks IT Services will be upgrading your email to a new system hosted by Microsoft. The service is called Office 365 and offers email, cloud storage and office web apps. In addition, staff and students are granted 5 copies of the latest Microsoft Office suite to install on smartphones, tablets and personally owned computers. See information about Office 365 here, please take the time to read through this information.


Why are we doing this?

The contract with our existing email provider expires in the end of October. Microsoft Office 365 offers advanced email features and lots of benefits all free for education.


What does this mean for me?

You will get an email service provided by Microsoft, a highly secure and dependable email service. Unlimited online file storage is provided with OneDrive, an alternative to Dropbox, where you can upload, create and share files to collaborate with others in or outside the University.


What do I need to do?

Before we move all your email to the new system you need to do some housekeeping, Microsoft will not allow large emails to be transferred. Large email attachments (greater then 25MB) in your mailbox and any shared mailboxes will need to be saved to your home drive or shared drive then deleted from your mailbox. See the pre-migration tasks here; Please do this before 5pm the day before the upgrade. You risk losing these emails if you do not save them to your computer.

Backend Email Changes + Extras

ITS will be migrating the Universities email storage from Brightsolid’s Exchange hosting to Microsoft’s own Office 365 platform. For anyone using the Outlook client this hopefully should be a seamless transition.
The planned date for Chemistry to move is Friday 26th June.

There is additional benefits to moving to Office 365:

  • Use of the online version of Office – Handy for editing documents when you don’t have access to a fully copy of Office
  • 5 copies of full Office to install pretty much wherever you want
  • Lync – Desktop instant messaging, video conferencing and sharing client
  • OneDrive – Unlimited Cloud storage

More details

chem-all and chem-building

When you sending email chem-all or chem-building, currently you may get a message like:

Your message to the list ‘chem-all’ has been forwarded to the moderator(s)

This is to try and reduce the amount of malicious and spam emails circulating. Emails will wait to be checked and approved by a moderator, hopefully this is only be a temporary measure.


Mobile Email – Security

In a few weeks time I.T.S. will be upgrading the security requirements of devices connecting to the University’s Staff email system via Activesync (Exchange) method, which also allow access to your Exchange (Outlook) email, calendar and contacts.
To continue to use this, devices with be required to have a minimum four digit pin code and will need to encrypt their file system. Many devices are already encrypted as standard.
In addition, it can be possible to remotely wipe devices if lost or stolen.

If you are not happy to add these additional security feature to your device, using webmail will be an option.

The new mobile device encryption policy is available on the I.T.S. Data Encryption page