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Telephone System Upgrade

From IT Services:

In March 2017 we undertook essential upgrades to our telephone system. Unfortunately one element of the upgrade could not be completed in the March timescales, therefore we have had to reschedule it to Wednesday 14th June between 1800 – 2100 hours.

This upgrade will only impact those on the North Haugh Exchange (please see the list of buildings impacted below). No telephony services will be available during this time, including the ability to dial 999.  Access control will not be affected.

List of buildings that will be impacted by the telephone upgrade on 14th June between 1800-2100 hours.

Agnes Blackadder
Andrew Melville
Computer Science
Geoscience CHR
John Burnet Hall
Library Annexe
Library Store
Medical School
SOI Group (New Tech Centre)
Sports Centre
Student Services (Eden Court)
University Hall
FAS (Gateway)

If you have any queries, please contact the Telephone Office (

Internet Disruption

On Friday our internet provider suffered from denial of service attacks (DoS):

169535 – 04/12/2015 – 16:40  – Major Incident affecting Multiple Janet connections

The Janet network has been suffering from further denial of service attacks. The network is beginning to look more stable.

Janet engineers and security teams are investigating further to set up further preventative measures.

This is what caused our internet disruption, they believe everything is stable now.

Although I think things are still a bit slow this morning.


Please keep an eye of on the Twitter feed for more updates —————->>>>


North Haugh & Sports Centre – Power Outage – 9am 30th July

Please be aware that power will be off from 9am on the 30 July 2015 to all buildings on the North Haugh (bar the Technology Centre and Gateway which will be unaffected). This will be off for a maximum of 15 minutes to allow Scottish Power to carry out essential safety checks to their equipment.

You are advised to shut down equipment completely at the mains prior to the power outage (9am 30th July). This is both to prevent damage to your equipment being caused by possible surges as power is restored AND the load presented by your kit CAUSING the surges.
It is NOT sufficient to just shut down the likes of computers and many other electronics, these maintain power to the equipment even when shut down and must be powered off at the mains.

Also, be aware that some systems (Networking, Servers and Storage) may need time to be brought back online after this power off.


Partial Power Shutdown 14th July

The power shutdown on Tuesday 14th July will require the power down of all devices in Node 2 (218) which include, but may not limited to:

  • NAS storage servers (Buffalo and Netgear), so most CHSRV-??? storage will be down.
  • Main chemistry server ( – affecting network shares for the Office, Stores, and any group, staff and web file storage etc. Also some pages for the school on the University website will be unavailable.
  • Network connections in many parts of Purdie will be down. The server and NAS storage will need to be shut down in advance of the power shut down. I am planning to schedule this for 5 pm on Monday 13th. They will not be available again until power is fully restored, estimated for 9am the next day.

Please ensure you save any work that may be affected this loss of storage before this time. Also do not run any instruments that would require to write directly to these storage devices during the down period.

Network connections, internet and other university systems will remain available till the power off on Tuesday morning.