Reactivating ChemDraw – 2016

Updated information regarding ChemDraw activation:

Individual users can download the software via this link:

New users will be downloading version 15.1 (Windows version includes ChemFinder, ChemDraw for Excel and Chem3D)

Those who are currently using version 10 to 14 need only “reactivate”, to continue using version 10 & 11 & 12 13 &14 respectively, or they can re-download to get version 15.
To re-download, go to the link above and follow the instructions to re-download. To reactivate, click “Reactivate” on the “Help” menu then put in your serial number from last year.

Alternatively, the software will display a warning message one month before the previous expiration date, and users can click “Reactivate” then, directly from the warning message. If users have misplaced their serial number, they can look it up by logging in on and clicking “View Serial Numbers & Expiration Dates for Your Downloads”.

All Windows serial numbers have been modified to reflect the new expiration date, and existing Windows users can simply reactivate with the serial number they already have, even for older versions. New users will only have access to the most recent version of the software. Users on the Macintosh platform will need to get a new serial number and registration code by following instructions at the link above.