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Internet Disruption

On Friday our internet provider suffered from denial of service attacks (DoS):

169535 – 04/12/2015 – 16:40  – Major Incident affecting Multiple Janet connections

The Janet network has been suffering from further denial of service attacks. The network is beginning to look more stable.

Janet engineers and security teams are investigating further to set up further preventative measures.

This is what caused our internet disruption, they believe everything is stable now.

Although I think things are still a bit slow this morning.


Please keep an eye of on the Twitter feed for more updates —————->>>>


Uniprint available in more locations

Previously we had two Uniprint printers, in the common room and reading room. This has been expanded, there are now printers in the following areas:

Building Location Model Features
BSRC Near B126 M775z A4, A3, Colour, Duplex, Scanning
BMS Level 3 write-up area M680dn A4, Colour, Duplex, Scanning
BMS Level 4 write-up area M680dn A4, Colour, Duplex, Scanning
Purdie Common Room – Upgraded M880z A4, A3, Colour, Duplex, Scanning
Purdie 215c write-up area M775z A4, A3, Colour, Duplex, Scanning
Purdie 215 Reading Room M630m A4, Duplex, Scanning

To print to Uniprint there are guides on the IT pages.

Setting up:
Note: All our Uniprint printers are HP

All IT Uniprint information and guides:

Uniprint printing is available over Eduroam WiFi.

Toner is supplied automatically when a printer is running low (around 10%).

Print costs for Uniprint are generally much lower than current desktop inkjet and laser printers.
This is billed periodicity via the school office to your class grant (in most cases) or other designated budget.

I will keep the dedicated ChemComp Uniprint page: updated with information on printer locations, billing, support processes etc. Some aspects of the Uniprint billing and administration are still being developed.