365 Email Migration FAQs

I have had a few Frequently Ask Questions regarding the email Migration.

  • Do I need to download / install any new software?
    • If you are using a recent Microsoft Outlook (2010 onward) as a client you should not need any new software.
  • Will I need to make any changes to Outlook set-up?
    • You may be prompted in Outlook to accept changes from autodiscover.st-andrews.ac.uk or to restart Outlook. Please accept these changes. Hopefully most users will not need to make any manual changes.
  • Will My Outlook or mail folders look any different?
    • They should look the same.
  • Does this affect Saintmail (Gmail) users?
    • No.
  • Does this change or give me a new email address?
    • Also no. You keep your current address(es).
  • Will Unimail – webmail change?

Please note: My answers are given to the best of my current knowledge, and I can not guarantee the thing may change 🙂