Monthly Archives: March 2015

chem-all and chem-building

When you sending email chem-all or chem-building, currently you may get a message like:

Your message to the list ‘chem-all’ has been forwarded to the moderator(s)

This is to try and reduce the amount of malicious and spam emails circulating. Emails will wait to be checked and approved by a moderator, hopefully this is only be a temporary measure.


Mobile Email – Security

In a few weeks time I.T.S. will be upgrading the security requirements of devices connecting to the University’s Staff email system via Activesync (Exchange) method, which also allow access to your Exchange (Outlook) email, calendar and contacts.
To continue to use this, devices with be required to have a minimum four digit pin code and will need to encrypt their file system. Many devices are already encrypted as standard.
In addition, it can be possible to remotely wipe devices if lost or stolen.

If you are not happy to add these additional security feature to your device, using webmail will be an option.

The new mobile device encryption policy is available on the I.T.S. Data Encryption page